Why Invest in Quality Flower Arrangements?

Why Invest in Quality Flower Arrangements?
Why Invest in Quality Flower Arrangements?

Like repeated beats move us through music, visual rhythm moves our eyes across a floral arrangement. Rhythm can be created through repetition, using different flowers of varying sizes, or adding a mix of textures.

To keep your floral arrangements fresher longer, Woodson suggests storing them in a vessel with a homemade flower preservative she recommends. It’s made with one gallon of water, four teaspoons of disinfectant or bleach, and four tablespoons of sugar.

They Look Better

Floral arrangement is a fun, creative hobby that can save you money in the long run. Rather than purchasing flowers and letting them wilt after a week, you can create arrangements that will last months or even years.

When creating your floral design in wedding flower arrangements Berkeley, balance is critical. Large blooms can overwhelm a deal if they aren’t balanced with smaller blossoms or textural elements. Similarly, dark flowers can appear black in specific lighting without countering their color with lighter or white stems.

Choose colors that work together in a monochromatic scheme or using different shades of the same hue. And remember the greenery, which can add texture and contrast to your floral design. It’s also essential to clean your flowers and hydrate them before arranging them.

Why Invest in Quality Flower Arrangements?

Why Invest in Quality Flower Arrangements?

They Last Longer

Flowers look their best when fresh; if you prep them well before arranging, they can last longer. Start by removing extra leaves and unwanted buds from each stem. Ensure each flower is cut at a diagonal to increase its surface area and allow it to soak up more water.

The vessel you use matters, too – unique vases draw the eye and are more suitable for formal arrangements than standard clear glasses. You can also invest in a floral frog (available at Michael’s for $7), a vessel insert with pins for stems to stick into, or you can DIY a grid of criss-crossed tape to attach the flowers to help anchor them.

They Are More Versatile

Investing in quality flowers allows you to build arrangements that will work well regardless of the season. For example, you can use peonies in winter and hydrangeas in summer, giving your customers more options.

Most mixed flower arrangements feature a focal flower, typically a large flower with a unique color or attractive design element. This type of flower can help draw the eye away from smaller flowers like alstroemeria and poms, allowing them to stand out.

Focal flowers often contribute to the balance of an arrangement, but they can also draw an implied line or create movement with their curved shapes. A white ranunculus, for example, can fill this role by drawing a curving line that draws your eye toward it.

Why Invest in Quality Flower Arrangements?

Why Invest in Quality Flower Arrangements?

They Are More Affordable

While it’s tempting to buy a cheap bouquet at the grocery store and set it on the table for quick cheer, there are many ways you can create flower arrangements that feel more sophisticated for less. Using the same floral design principles that professional florists use to get their accounts looking oh-so-pretty will help you make the most of your budget.

For example, skip the expensive peonies and try something unique like a lisianthus or garden rose. These larger flowers can create a stunning focal point in your arrangement and still look beautiful when paired with more affordable options like alstroemeria or poms.

Another pro tip is choosing flowers in season for the best prices. Not only does this ensure that the flowers will be fresh, but it can also save you up to 50% on your bill.

Why Invest in Quality Flower Arrangements?

Why Invest in Quality Flower Arrangements?

They Are Safer to Use

Using quality flower arranging supplies can make a big difference in the final result. They look better, last longer, are more versatile, and are safer than cheaper alternatives. They are also less likely to contain toxins or other harmful substances that could cause injury.

For a cohesive-looking arrangement, choose flowers of similar size and color. Combining bright and dark colors like a dark-colored peony or rose with lighter flowers like larkspur or alstroemeria contrasts the design. Choosing a bloom with a dominant texture, like ruffled petals, can add visual interest.

Keep an eye out for wilting blooms and stems that start losing shape, and remove them promptly. Always work with a clean vase to prevent bacteria growth and help extend the lifespan of the flowers in your floral arrangements.


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