How to Choose the Perfect Unique Wedding Band That Reflects Your Style

How to Choose the Perfect Unique Wedding Band That Reflects Your Style

While the engagement ring often gets all the attention, it’s the wedding band you wear daily. That means you want to make sure it is perfect for you!

Experts like Raymond and Dukes recommend Jade Trau for rings with “a fresh vibe” that still feel classic. They also love Sofia Kaman’s antique-style bands with a modern knife edge.


In the past, many couples would purchase wedding bands that were identical to one another to represent the unity of their relationship. While some couples still choose to buy matching rings, most couples prefer to get unique wedding bands that reflect their styles and values.

Engravings can also add meaning to a wedding band. If you and your partner have developed a set of nicknames for each other, engraving them on your ring is a cute way to show your love and commitment to each other.


Few wedding-related decisions carry more weight after the party than what to wear on your ring. Whether you and your partner choose to match bands or prefer something completely different, many options for personalization allow each style to shine through.

A classic gold band will never go out of style, but for a truly unique look, consider silver or even palladium, both hypoallergenic and more durable than traditional gold. Alternative metals like titanium are also increasingly popular for men’s and women’s wedding rings, as they offer the strength of steel with a bright white sheen and the flexibility to incorporate designs that would be difficult or impossible on more rigid precious metal bands.

To further customize your metal, you can add texture to the surface of your band using finishes such as wire brushed, soft brush finished, hammered, or sandblasted. In addition, engraved symbols are a timeless and subtle way to express your style on your wedding band.


Traditionally, wedding bands are smooth gold or platinum all the way around, but some designers feature diamonds or gemstones. Gemstones, like opals, amethysts, and sapphires, are often featured in women’s rings, but men can also wear them.

Besides incorporating gemstones, jewelers offer other ways to make your unique wedding band stand out. For example, some designers use etching to create patterns on metal bands. The result is a textured design that resembles a wood grain or floral motif.

Other design elements include shared prong baskets and bright-cut setting styles. The former provides a more polished appearance, while the latter offers a structured feel to your ring. For a touch of personalization, some couples choose to have an inner engraving, such as notable dates or snippets of song lyrics. This design technique complements the outer engraving perfectly and is a great way to celebrate your love for one another.


Engravings are a great way to make a ring more unique and personal. Many options are available, but some of the most popular include date etchings and initials. You can also add a quote that has meaning to the couple, such as a verse from a poem or a song lyric. Religious texts are another option that reflects the couple’s shared beliefs.

An inside joke is another great option to add a fun and playful touch to the ring. It is perfect for couples with a sense of humor and a playful side to their relationship.

Other engraved ideas could include the latitude and longitude of a special place, such as where the couple first met or got engaged. You can even add a personal nickname or a phrase that both of you say to one another. The only limit is your creativity!


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